In each product we design we want to satisfy 5 + 1 senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste + intuition. We believe in this philosophy important to catch consumers’ attention and to make the prodcut complete, unique and emotional.

Part of our MISSION is to satisfy our client at 360°. We are proud to say that we offer a complete service, from the idea to the final product, we work in an international market that we stimulate thanks to products with a flawless design, made with passion, and visionary communication projects.



  1. Promptness (pick the cherries when they’re ripe)
  2. Love (without love there’s nothing, just nothing)
  3. Vision (working today thinking about tomorrow)
  4. Happiness (designing what makes you happy)
  5. Sharing (helping one another, alone we’ re not able to do the same things)
  6. Sustainability (thinking about the reuse of objects…then what may I do with it?)
  7. Passion (without passion you will not get any goal)
  8. Uniqueness (every individual has his own DNA)
  9. Simplicity (that’s why the world is getting more and more complex)
  10. Thinking (reflect, then act!)