The peculiarities of each field ( design, communication, art) are mixed together to create always new proposals. The strength of PIERCOMMUNICATION is the creation of a concept for each project, a precise philosophy that reflects the corporate identity of the client company, whose history is studied in details. In this way we know very well who and what we are communicating. You can not do standard communication. The result is not just beautiful, but also functional, designed for an instantly recognizable image.


Creativity is very important, but at the hear of every action of ours there must be love and passion. We listen carefully to the market and the client’s needs, respecting his story and products. Intuition lets us create tools for an effective communication, aimed at awaken consumers’ desires and emotions.

Our actions are always accompanied by ethics, and respect for the environment and or humanity. Our consultancy is not one-way, but interacts with reality, giving alternative options for companies that are demanding and careful to sustainability of their products.